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(YES, that’s my  r e a l  name! =) Thank you for taking the time to visit my site & look around. I feel blessed to do the work I love, & love the work I do.  I feel massage gives me the ability to immediately impact the world around me. A client that leaves my massage table feeling a deeper level of relaxation & calm, or a release from discomfort or tension, is freed & empowered to be a better employee, spouse, parent, caregiver.... that is the difference I strive to make within my massage practice. 

Many of my clients express poor experiences and results from previous deep tissue massages.  I believe deep work does not have to have you cringing constantly with pain, and it shouldn’t.  To be fair, when issues are present that need to be worked out, it can be less than comfortable.  But problems also arise when a well intentioned therapist attempts too much deep work, too quickly.  Patience is needed & sometimes that means more than one session to allow time to clear out the tension or constricted areas.

I define my style of massage as deep relaxing.  My bodywork is blended and detailed.  I utilize an amalgam of modalities & techniques to target needful areas, but also luxuriously relax the body and mind.  Consistency is important with your massages.  Once you are able to identify that deeply relaxed state of mind and body, then you’re better able to purposefully maintain it. 

Massage is a worthwhile investment in healthy life balance.  When flying, the flight attendants remind us to first put our own oxygen masks on then assist those around you... The same is true in maintaining our life balance, the less stressed YOU are body and mind, the better equipped you are to be present for the people and things you care about.

Thanks again for taking time to peruse the site and discover BLISS! I look forward to working with you soon.....BLESSINGS, Sara

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